EDB announcement on 21 March 2020

The Education Bureau announced that classes of all secondary schools are originally scheduled to resume in phases on April 20 the earliest need to be further suspended, until further notice.


Guidelines for collecting the Mobile Data SIMS Cards for E-learning at home:

  1. Only the students receiving #TA/STS/CSSA are eligible to collect the SIMs Cards.
  2. Students can come back to school from Monday, 16 March 2020 onwards to collect the cards.
  3. Before collecting the cards, students should have to
    1. sign their names on the collection list,
    2. sign and return the “Bandwidth Support for E-learning at Home Scheme”-Acknowledgement Formto the school.
  4. Student could refer to the guidelines to know how to use the SIMs Cards
  5. The SIM Cards are not replaceable. Students cannot apply for a new one when they lose it.
  6. For those who are not in the collection list, they should approach the school if they want to have the SIM Cards. They are required to provide the necessary documents to prove that they are in need.
  7. Due to limited supply of SIMs Cards, students concerned will be first-come-first-served.


#TA = School Textbook Assistance Scheme (Full/Half Grant)
STS = Student Travel Subsidy Scheme (Full/Half Grant)
CSSA = Comprehensive Social Security Allowance

Online Teaching Videos, Materials and Assignments during class suspension (Update)

Online teaching videos, materials and assignments of different subjects will be uploaded to eClass weekly from 16th March. Students should login the eClass platform every Monday (16th March, 23rd March, 30th March, 6th April and 13th April) to obtain the materials for that week. After watching the videos, students have to complete the assigned homework and submit the homework through google form.

Please see the attached file for the procedures of the homework submission.

*The e-learning materials and assignments for the week of 2nd March to 13th March have been uploaded to eClass on 28th February.

Procedure for obtaining the eLearning Materails and Assignment from eClass

Student's Homework Submission


EDB announcement on 25 Feb 2020

The Education Bureau announced that all secondary schools would resume their classes as early as April 20, yet subject to further assessment.

EDB announcement on 13 Feb 2020

The Education Bureau announced that all secondary schools would resume their classes as early as March 16, yet subject to further assessment.

 An Extension of Class Suspension