Delia Memorial School (Broadway) Parent-Teacher Association

The 24th Annual General Meeting was held on 4th September, 2021 (Sat) together with the S1 Orientation. There were a total of 164 participates including parents and teachers. Principal Mr. Lo KC gave a warm welcoming speech and explained the fee remission scheme to parents. Then the vice-chairperson of the PTA Mr. Yu KF presented the working report of last year and the updated constitution for the coming year. It was followed by a review of the financial report by the Treasurer Mr. Kot KC. Next, the school Social Worker Mr. Chan promoted a family picnic planned to be organized in March 2022. 62 participants indicated their intentions of participation.

The election of the 24th PTA Standing Committee was then conducted. Ms. Bibi Ayesha was elected as the chairperson and Ms. Limbu Nanda as the assistant treasurer. The other candidates, Mr. Molina Christopher Diaz, Ms. Remigio Maria Erene, Mr. Chak Woon Wing, Mr. Bhinder Sukhjinder Singh, Ms. Khalid Somia, Ms. Rehmat Samina and Ms. Shah Fehmida, joined as the committee members.