We envision DELIA MEMORIAL SCHOOL (BROADWAY) as “OUR HOME”. Broadwayers are Open-minded and strive to Understand people of different cultures and places with mutual Respect. Therefore, achieving a society of Harmony is Broadwayers’ Obligation by developing the virtues of Morality and Equality.


We are devoted to actualizing the vision in accordance with the spirit of our school motto “Harmony in Diversity”, and committed to cater appropriate and balanced education for students’ individual development with diverse needs in knowledge, skills and attitude, despite their ethnicities, religious beliefs and socio-economic background.

Harmony in Diversity




All of us come from different backgrounds and walks of life.  We do not and cannot live alone.  At home, we have parents and siblings.  We have uncles, aunts and cousins.  At school, we have teachers, coaches, staff, janitors and schoolmates.  At workplace, we have co-workers and colleagues.  And socially, we have buddies, friends and acquaintances.  We are parts of the society.  As a member of the society, we should take pride in where we live and strive to make it a better place.  We should be a good citizen.

What is a good citizen? Are you a good citizen?

Citizens are the smallest units of any nations that organize to form a family, society and further a nation.  As a citizen of the nation, everyone enjoys some rights and freedom that are granted to us by birth and are meant for our development and progress. However, a good citizen should understand the limitation of freedom and rights and never misuse them.

A good citizen surely gives rise to a good family.  Several good families make a good society and finally a good nation. We all must try to become good people because only the good person becomes a good citizen for the nation.

A good citizen always gives priority to the family’s happiness and well-being.  It helps to improve the relations among family members and friends.  Every reward and honor is valueless without devotion to family.

A good citizen should also have respect for everyone in the society no matter it is rich or poor.   He should not hurt anyone because of his look or status and must have respect for every culture and region in the society.  He must not do anything that might create violence or hurt the feeling of other communities.

Broadway believes that it is certainly important to teach students basic ethical concepts so that they will not become bad people.  Helping students to find out what characteristics they have and what sorts of people they would like to be in the future is equally essential.  We not only teach common knowledges, but also help to find out what sorts of potential the students have.  We give students helpful advice on choosing suitable subjects and careers by analyzing their different abilities.

Broadwayers, we believe that your family and school have done a lot to make you good citizens.  However, there are also a lot you can do to become good citizens.

First of all, get a good education in school.  Pay attention in school, get good grades, and try to go to university.  When you are well educated, you can get better jobs and contribute to the society.  In school, try to actively take part in school activities.  Try to be committee members of different clubs and Houses.  Make good decisions when it comes to voting and other civic activities.

Secondly, work hard. When you work hard, it lessens the workload of your teachers and parents.  Your teachers may in return focus on preparing more meaningful activities for you.  Your parents may work hard at work without worrying about you.

Do you know the “3 Rs” of good citizenship?  Reduce? Reuse? Recycle?  No!  They are Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness.

Try to learn these “3 Rs”.

You have to respect yourself and others.  If you respect yourself, you like yourself and trust yourself to be a person of integrity.  Respecting others and their property gives you their trust and mutual respect.

Identify and know your talent, skills and character strengths.   Responding with your talent, skills and character strength helps you examine how you might have done things differently and how you might want to react in the future. It allows reflection on skills you might want to develop.  Disregarding your responsibilities can put yourself and others in a mess fast.

Resourcefulness is about getting things done in the face of obstacles and constraints. If you are resourceful, you can be creative and think divergently and do things in a way that can be uniquely yours.

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can”– John Wesley

Mr. Lo Ka Chi