We envision DELIA MEMORIAL SCHOOL (BROADWAY) as “OUR HOME”. Broadwayers are Open-minded and strive to Understand people of different cultures and places with mutual Respect. Therefore, achieving a society of Harmony is Broadwayers’ Obligation by developing the virtues of Morality and Equality.


We are devoted to actualizing the vision in accordance with the spirit of our school motto “Harmony in Diversity”, and committed to cater appropriate and balanced education for students’ individual development with diverse needs in knowledge, skills and attitude, despite their ethnicities, religious beliefs and socio-economic background.

Harmony in Diversity




We believe that students’ learning should not be limited by the four walls of the classroom. Therefore, students are encouraged to join different activities to enhance their learning experience.

With the full support from the parents, 13 Broadway students flew to Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia on 1 October 2012 to participate in the U17 Cricket International Invitation Challenge 2012. The competitors came from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia,

Pakistan and India. As a secondary school team, we eventually placed 2nd Runner-Up in the tournament.

A good result in an overseas tournament earned much respect from other opponents, but the most commendable achievement should be the excellent impressions they instilled in the minds of the organizers and team managers. They did their best both inside and outside the cricket field. Our students demonstrated outstanding team spirit in Malaysia. They attended all the functions on time and together as a group, dressed in tidy uniforms, well-behaved, and with impressive self-discipline.

For the past few years, we have launched a series of programmes aimed at the students’ personal growth and we have also worked closely together with parents to nurture Broadwayers’ character. Looking at the stories associated with the tournament in Malaysia together with all other students’ performance indicators collected from different aspects in our school, we are confident to say that we have made it.

We wish to have the continuous support from all parents. We aspire for the balanced and all-round development of our students.

Mr. Lo Ka Chi