Brief of the PTA Visit to the HK Palace Museum (3 Feb 2024. Sat)

The PTA organised a group visit of 31 participants to the HK Palace Museum on 3 Feb, 2024 for parents and children to have an educational and cultural leisure activity. Each participant paid HK$50 for transportation from school, entrance ticket and a halal lunch box as this activity was subsidised by the EDB annual activity fund for the PTA. We set off from the school around 10 am and arrived at the Museum within 15 minutes.  

First, we visited the special exhibition in Gallery 9, where western paintings from Botticelli to Van Gogh are exhibited. Other galleries showcase 900+ treasures of Qing dynasty.  Around noon, we went to the nearby West Kowloon Art Park. Participants who had chosen to have halal lunch box enjoyed their food with the beautiful scenery of the harbour and HK Island. And some participants chose to buy food at the site. The activity ended before 1 pm. Parents and children enjoyed this activity and gained some more knowledge of both Chinese and western culture.