Delia Memorial School (Broadway)
Careers and Studies

2017-2018 Life Planning Education (Proposed Content)

Secondary 1Content Focus
Lesson 1Who am I? (knowing characters about one self)
Lesson 2Is it really the truth? (career interest inventory)
Lesson 3What am I good at?
Lesson 4I want to be….(goal setting)
Secondary 2Content Focus
Lesson 1Why work?
Lesson 2Which one better? (recap of career interest from Holland test)
Lesson 3More and more on……
Lesson 4Happy Discovery
Lesson 5Goal Setting
Secondary 3Content Focus
Lesson 1NSS elective subjects?
Lesson 2Elective subjects and occupations
Lesson 3Discovering stage
Lesson 4Think and think and think……
Lesson 5My decision
Secondary 4Content Focus
Lesson 1Time to “dream”
Lesson 2Am I happy……?Should I invest……?
Lesson 3My only choice – post secondary education?
Lesson 4I have no idea……
Lesson 5Go Go Go!
Secondary 5Content Focus
Lesson 1My ideal __________.
Lesson 2Basic requirements of my ” ideal course/ occupations”
Lesson 3Explore more
Lesson 4My Plan ABC
Lesson 5My Secondary School Life
Secondary 6Content Focus
Lesson 1JUPAS?
Lesson 2University application: Overseas/ Local (Seminar/ exhibitions)
Lesson 3SLP & Resume
Lesson 4Interview skills
Lesson 5Consultation session