Delia Memorial School (Broadway)
Careers and Studies

2022-2023 Life Planning Education (Proposed Content)

Secondary 1Content Focus
Lesson 1Who am I? Self-understanding
Lesson 2What am I good at? Goal Setting
Lesson 3Life Planning Activity 1
Lesson 4Life Planning Activity 2
Secondary 2Content Focus
Lesson 1Why Work? How to be a Responsible Employee?
Lesson 2Understanding of Different Occupations in Hong Kong
Lesson 3Holland Career Interest Inventory
Lesson 4Understand Emerging Industries in Hong Kong
Lesson 5Self-understanding (Strengths & Weaknesses)
Secondary 3Content Focus
Lesson 1Self-understanding-Why Study? Why Work?
Lesson 2Discovering Stage
Lesson 3Importance of Subject Selection
Lesson 4Understanding Oneself Better
Lesson 5Strategies for Subject Selection
Secondary 4Content Focus
Lesson 1Time to “dream”
Lesson 2Time Management
Lesson 3Other Learning Experience (OLE)
Lesson 4Exploring Career Situation in Hong Kong
Lesson 5Goal Setting
Secondary 5Content Focus
Lesson 1Career Exploration
Lesson 2Self-understanding
Lesson 3Learning different career pathways 
Lesson 4Career Understanding the JUPAS system (1) 
Lesson 5Understanding the JUPAS system (2)
Secondary 6Content Focus
Lesson 1JUPAS
Lesson 2-4

CityU and EDUHK Admission Talk
HSUHK Admission Talk

Lesson 5Mock Choice Arrangment
Lesson 6HKU Space Admission talk
Lesson 7Customs and Excise Department Career talk