Delia (Broadway) Alumni Association

2018-2019 Annual General Meeting

 Annual report 2017-2018 (click)

Annual financial report 2017-2018 (click)

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Friday 07-12-2018

School Gymnasium 


6:45 pm               Registration

7:00 pm               Principal’s Address

7:05 pm               Chairperson’s Speech

7:08 pm               Endorsement of 2017-2018 Annual Meeting report and Financial Report

7:10 pm               Election of Alumni Committee

7:20 pm               Refreshment

8:00 pm               Result of Alumni Committee Election

                            Group photo of Alumni Committee

8:05 pm               Fun Time – Bingo ($500 prizes are sponsored by school Principal Mr. Lo)

8:20 pm               Alumni Performance

8:30 pm              The end