Delia (Broadway) Alumni Association

2018-2019 Volleyball Event

           This year’s alumni sports event was rather different from previous years as this was the first time the Alumni Association decided to hold a volleyball event instead of the usual three versus three basketball game. The longawaited game was held on May 11, 2019 on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It was not only an immensely exciting time for the 6 teams that participated, but also significant in the sense that this event was more inclusive as more female participants were able to join this year’s event. Although the event happened to be in the month of Ramadan, the Alumni Association commends those that participated as although many members were fasting, they were still in high spirits. The various teams were made up of graduates, Broadway’s volleyball team, alumni staff, and current teachers. It was a day filled with intense matches, but friendly competition, with the team comprising of the current form 6 students taking home the gold medal along with bragging rights having beat the all-star team of BW’s former finest volleyball team members.

Alumni Volleyball 6v6 group photo

Alumni Volleyball 2018 – 2019 Champions

Alumni Volleyball 2018 – 2019 1st Runner up