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2020-2021 Annual General Meeting

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The 2020-2021 Alumni Association Annual General Meeting was held on 3rd December, 2020 from 7:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. Due to the pandemic the general meeting was done online by using ZOOM meeting for the first time. 31 alumni attended the meeting. Following the inspiring speeches by the Principal Mr. Lo and the Chairperson Mr. Karthi Duraisamy with a short video which has been played on the screen. The endorsement of the 2019-2020 Annual Meeting report and the financial report was endorsed by all the members on the screen.

In addition, the committee members has prepared a google form for the participants to register their personal information to join the AGM online. The committee members also used the participation information to send the link of the ZOOM meeting and take part for the election of the new committee members. Announcement in the Facebook page was done. We gladly received 42 participates, 17 ordinary members out of 31 attended in the ZOOM meeting and 28 of them voted for the election. 

The election of the new committee for 2020-2021 was done by sharing each of their background information such as year of graduated and expectations with a short video of self-introduction. 

To sum up the event, the final result was Mr. Karthi Duraisamy is the Chairperson with 10 votes and Ms. Zahoor Rozwille is the Vice-Chairperson with 7 votes for 2020-2021. Following the new committee members for 2020-2021, Ms. Hung Hiu Ha as the treasurer, Ms. Sharmaine Anne Mendoza as the secretary, Ms. Khan Tahira and Ms. Gurwinder Kaur are the recreational secretaries and Mr. Saqib Mahmood, Ms. Aniana Eryn Atienza, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, Mr. Razi Haris, Ms. Zahid Iqra, Ms. Bibi Saima and Ms. Bibi Ayesha, Aryan Muhammad and Tariq Husnain are the new committee members. 



The election results