Delia (Broadway) Alumni Association

2018-2019 Food Distribution Activity (北河同行)

This year, Alumni Association is proud to announce its first gathering of a charitable cause. 16 of the alumni and teachers spent a fruitful Saturday night in helping to distribute food and drinks to the homeless people in Hong Kong’s poorest district, Sham Shui Po. Ming Gor (明哥), who founded Pei Ho Charity Organization, is well-known for his selfless contribution to the less advantaged group in the district. Firm in upholding selfsufficiency and not relying on the Government’s short-lived and unsustainable support, Ming Gor has vowed to provide at least two hot meals to the homeless every day. As such, Ming Gor has earned the praise of many in the society.

The Association, touched by his noble act, paid him a visit to experience a 2-hour food distribution activity. Starting at 5pm, our volunteers gathered at his restaurant to get briefed on its daily operations; how the restaurant prepared food and allocated manpower to transport and distribute the food. With the help of the staff, who were well versed in organizing and disciplining the homeless crowd, each of the 16 volunteers from the Association managed to contribute their fair share in making sure the homeless had a warm meal to eat that night. The night then came to an end with a heartfelt plea from the founder on encouraging more young people to participate in such causes.

Group photo outside Pei Ho restaurant founded by Ming Gor

Group photo with Ming Gor in his restaurant

Preparation of food inside Pei Ho restaurant before bringing it to the homeles

Alumni volunteers collecting food before distributing to the homeless

Alumni volunteers distributing food to the homeless in Tung Chau Street Park