Voluntary Training 2022

Volunteer Training Workshops

Guidance Volunteer Training is to provide an opportunity for students to explore their interests, develop their strengths and enhance their leadership through different experiential group and adventure-based training activities. They will use what they have learnt to serve the community in the coming years.

Three magic training workshops were organized to train the students to do a few magic tricks. All the volunteers are going to have a magic performance in front of a group of kindergarten kids after the 1st UT.

A leadership training camp was organized on 15/10 at Lantau. Students improved their problem solving, team work, leadership and communication skills through various activities. Some are quite challenging while they tried their best in the process.

First Meeting and Magic Training Workshops

Volunteer Leadership Training Camp 15th Oct

Mocktail Workshops (9/11, 16/11)

Students learned how to prepare a few non-alcoholic mocktail drinks. They really enjoyed the workshops and they love the drinks they made. They will be able to serve the drinks in different school and community events.

Pet Grooming Workshops