Value Education 2020 – 2021

Value Education

One of the main learning goals of school education is to implement Moral and Civic Education (MCE) to help students develop positive values and attitudes. What are values? Our values directly affect our choice of actions.

In 2008, Education Bureau (EDB) identified seven priority values and attitudes, which are “Perseverance”, “Respect for Others”, “Responsibility”, “National Identity”, “Commitment”, “Integrity” and “Care for Others”. They are important for the promotion of whole-person development.

With reference to our school vision (OUR HOME) and mission (Harmony in Diversity), Broadway makes our own school-based plan in delivering Value Education. Broadway parents, students, and teachers have also been invited to indicate their preference of values so that Guidance Team plans to focus relevant work on instilling those values. Guidance Team works on the following at different levels: Respect (S.1), Responsibility (S.2), Perseverance (S.3), Care for Others (S.4), Integrity (S.5) and Commitment (S.6). Talks in morning assemblies, classroom activities and after-school activities are designed to instill these values by members of the Guidance Team. Examples of individuals are collected to heighten students’ awareness of importance of upholding these values and the outcome of insisting on these values. This is the life event approach in which students learn about how individuals are influenced by key events that arise in their lives in five domains, i.e. personal development and healthy living, family, school, social life and community and national. Teachers may make use of topics in daily life and current affairs of public concern to enable students to think from different perspectives. Moreover, authentic learning experience is to be provided for students to learn how to tackle different constraints, resist the temptations in real situations and put positive values and attitudes into practice.

 Whole school approach is adopted in delivering value education in Broadway. Its rationale is to provide learning opportunities for students in every aspect of their school life. Students spend most of the school time in classroom learning and in extra-curricular activities (ECA). All subject disciplines and functional groups are involved in the teaching and learning of values because they are embedded in subject content and learning activities. Below is a table highlighting the values taught by all subject disciplines and functional groups in 2019-20. With more emphasis in lessons and activities, it is hoped that students’ awareness of these values is heightened and they gradually develop these values.






Teachers Training


Guidance Team Regular programs


S1: Respect

S2: Responsibility

S3: Perseverance

S4: Care for others

S5: Integrity

S6: commitment

Subjects and other departments


Teachers Training


Topic: Implementation of Values Education in Schools :

Cooperation of subjects and departments

Date: 27 September 2019

Speaker: Mr. Tong Ho Fun

                Vice Principal

                HKMLC Queen Maud Secondary School







日期 : 2018611(星期一)
時間 : 下午2時至5
地點 : 九龍黃大仙馬仔坑道一龍翔官立中

德育及公民教育課程- 如何在中學推行有效的德育課程

[課程編號: CDI020190313]


日期: 18/5, 25/5 – 2020

Seminar on Using Video-based Learning Resources to Develop Students’ Positive Values and Attitudes CDI020180391


S1 Respect



Classroom activity

After class activity


S2 Responsibility



Classroom activity

Student comics



S3 Perseverance



Classroom activity

After class activity


S4 Care for others





Classroom activity – Care for others card

After class activity



S5 Integrity





Classroom activity


After class activity


 Talk from ICAC


–       Mutually agree on terms & definitions beforehand

Different definitions of integrity

–       Try to negotiate content

Too much emphasis on the history of bribery in HK

Include more recent cases to keep it more relevant

S6 Commitment

Subjects and Other Departments

ECA Responsibility & Sportsmanship Career & Life Planning Commitment, Integrity & Responsibility
BASF/ Econ/ BET Care for Others, Commitment, Integrity & Responsibility Liberal Studies Care for Others, Commitment, Integrity, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibilities & Sense of Identity
Biology Care for Others, Perseverance & Integrity Mathematics Respect & Responsibility
Chemistry Commitment, Respect for others & Responsibility Music Integrity, Perseverance, Respect & Sense of Identity
Chinese (TC, ACSL & CSL) Appreciating Nature & Treasuring Things, Care for Others, Commitment, Diligence, Respect, Sense of Belonging, Stamina & Solidarity Physical Education Commitment, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Sportsmanship
English Care for Others, Commitment, Integrity, Respect, Perseverance & Responsibility Physics Perseverance & Respect
Geography Care for Others & Responsibility Science Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility
History Care for Others, Commitment &Integrity THS Care for Others, Commitment & Integrity
Computer Literacy/ ICT Respect, Perseverance & Responsibility Visual Arts Commitment, Respect, Responsibility