Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship Awards 2021 – 2022

The scheme offers prizes to encourage senior secondary students in attaining a high standard of learning abilities and developing leadership qualities.

The value of each prize for the 2021/22 academic year is HK$1000.





Harman Deep has been top 3 students of the
form since Secondary 1. She has a clear goal of
her studies and she is hardworking, her top ranks
for the past several years bear testimony to the
efforts she has spent. She is helpful, responsible,
obedient, cooperative, cheerful and trustworthy.
She takes up several roles and duties in school.
She is the school vice-head prefect. She was the
class monitor and treasurer of Students’ Welfare Association. Harman Deep is a great model who
can bring positive influence on other people.
Anmol has consistently been the top student of
the form since Form 1. She is a driven and
motivated individual who is expected to do very
well in the HKDSE. An academically talented
and driven individual who is proactive in
realising her goals, Anmol is not afraid to attain
other qualifications if it means she has
alternative pathways to achieve her goal. In the
classroom, Anmol is seen as very helpful by her
classmates, and is most in her element when
leading group activities. She is also very friendly
with the younger forms, and can be seen
playing with them during recess time. All in all,
Anmol is a great role model, both inside school
and out.
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