Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship Awards 2020 – 2021

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes 2020 – 2021


The scheme offers prizes to encourage senior secondary students in attaining a high standard of learning abilities and developing leadership qualities.

The value of each prize for the 2020/21 academic year is HK$1000.


6B Molina Calvin Del Rosario


6A Kiran



Calvin is interested in his own learning,

listens attentively, and makes a solid effort to

avoid distractions that could interrupt the learning

process. His top ranks in the whole form for the

past several years bear testimony to the efforts he

has spent. Calvin also relates well to classmates

and is appreciative of different perspectives and

experiences, making him an ideal leader in

organizing school activities. It has been a pleasure

to have Calvin’s enthusiasm, positivity and

maturity in the class.

Kiran always comes first in her class and maintains

excellent performance in her academic studies.

She has also attended Chinese Proficiency Test –

HSK (Level 2) Examination in 2019 and achieved

good result. As for her personality, Kiran is diligent,

responsible, helpful and punctual. Kiran has also

joined school Computer Club and knows how to make

apps. Moreover, Kiran always helps in various school

activities, and has joined the Broadway Buddies.

Kiran is therefore a role model who can bring positive

influence on her classmates.