Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship Awards 2019 – 2020

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes 2019 – 2020


The scheme offers prizes to encourage senior secondary students in attaining a high standard of learning abilities and developing leadership qualities. The value of each prize for the 2019/20 academic year is HK$1000.


6A CLEMENTE ELIRIE ZEHLINNE M.  6B Laganzon Collin Dancel
Elirie has been studying in our school for 6

years and has been performing excellent in

academic aspect. She is a responsible,

cheerful and mature student. She has

demonstrated a good leadership in house

activities. Besides, positive feedback has been

obtained from CUHK summer internship.

LAGANZON COLLIN DANCEL is doing well academically.

He is always try to improve himself to strive for the excellence.

He is a very curious person and has the ambition to investigate

different things. Moreover, he is a punctual and polite person who

will respect people all the same.

His great interest in technology has helped him develop special skills

ranging from creating small programs to making an e-commerce website.

As a core member of the school’s house committee, he was a role model

to all students and has led his house effectively.

To conclude, LAGANZON COLLIN DANCEL is a suitable candidate
to join the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes.