Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes 17 -18

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes


The scheme offers prizes to encourage senior secondary students in attaining a high standard of learning abilities and developing leadership qualities.


The value of each prize for the 2017/18 academic year is HK$800.





Arshpreet, who came first in her form last year, has actually been listed in her school’s Honor List for Outstanding Academic Performance consistently for the previous five years.



She has also gained distinction, merits and honors in various external competitions including the International Competition and Assessments for Schools held by the University of South Wales Global (AUSTRALIA), the Tenth and Eleventh Speaking Contest for Hong Kong Students. She has also joined the school Cultural Dance Team.



Meanwhile, Arshpreet always shows her concerns for the community, such as joining the Unison Hikathon, participating in the Community Chest Flag Day, giving donations and volunteering to provide help to the refugees. In the eyes of her teachers, Arshpreet is courteous to both teachers and schoolmates, and even has positive influence on her classmates.





Charlene is excellent in academic who always be the top five students in the form. She is responsible and cheerful, even in difficult situation, she endurances and not to give up.



She led in different ECA such as school cheering team, to bring the team to get lots of champions and she was also a captain of her house.