Sex Education 2023 – 2024

In this academic year, school social workers organized Sex Education Programs for all forms during OLE Assembly. In this Sex Education Program, school social workers used an educational perspective to share and discuss some hot topics mentioned below. With the different topics about sex, the students would have more knowledge and understanding about the issues related to sex, and also develop a positive perspective and appropriate attitude towards sex and its related issues.



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Understanding the CHANGE in Puberty

The program helps the students understand the physical and emotional changes during Puberty. The students could understand more about their sexual development and establish positive attitudes towards their changes and differences among all the individuals.



The Hong Kong Children & Youth Services



Getting along with the opposite gender

The program helps the students understand the gender stereotype. Through the small group discussion, the students could be equipped with an empathetic understanding of the strengths of different genders and the relationship skills in getting with opposite genders.





The Hong Kong Children & Youth Services


Online dating and its potential danger

The program emphasizes the common dating issues and fast-food culture in online dating in recent years. Through the news sharing, the students could understand more about the potential danger of online dating and the risk of sexual blackmail and sextortion by meeting some strangers to enhance students’ alertness while using online dating apps.





The Hong Kong Children & Youth Services


Sexual Harassment is no joke!

The program highlights the common conflict between making a joke and doing harassment. Through the video clips, small group discussion and case sharing, the students could understand the definition of Sexual harassment and its lawful consequences. Once the others feel uneasy, there is harassment. It helps the students to think twice before having sexual jokes and enhances their awareness to seek advice while they are involved in sexual harassment.






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Intimacy Boundaries

The program emphasized the intimacy boundaries in getting along with the opposite gender, especially in dating relationships. Some consequences such as unplanned pregnancy and STD infection were introduced during the program. It helps the students think twice before having casual sex or intimate behavior with their partners and the understanding of the sex-related laws and ordinances.






The Aids Concern


Love, Sex and Relationship

The program shared the common sex issues of sex behavior. It includes the discussion of Love and sex and the potential dangers of casual sex to enhance students’ awareness of the consequences of having sexual behaviors and setting intimate boundaries with other people.



The Hong Kong Children & Youth Services

Overall, the students were interested in the sex education program. Most of the topics in sex education could be related to the age of the students. Some of the students were more willing to share their concerns and relationship problems with the workers after the programs, which showed their enhanced awareness of relationships.