Seminar of Climate Change at CUHK

On the 25th  May 2024 (Saturday), 23 students and 7 teachers from our school were pleased to participate in the seminar “ STEAM Education Enriching Knowledge Series: Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change on Global Sustainable Agriculture cum Guided Tour to the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change” launched by the Education Bureau held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK).

Professor Lam Hong-ming, Professor Chan Tingfung, Dr. Leung H.F. Michael, and Dr Tse Anthony, discussed the topic of climate change in the world with its impact on agriculture as well as different potential solutions and explorations for combating climate change. Having the chance for our Delia group of students, such as Mohammad Ibraheam Ali from 4B, to share their reflections on the agricultural study tour to Pakistan.


These sharings from both the professors and students brought incredible inspiration to our students and teachers and gave us a more holistic view of human impact on climate change, quoted from Professor Lam sharing that the tiny change in the average temperature in a small area can cause the dramatic change in the whole ecosystem bringing terrible harms to all area in the world, none of us is excluded from the responsibility of climate change.


Moreover, it is great to see our students widen their horizons by learning about the difficulties in agriculture in Pakistan, using their knowledge to give possible solutions, and raising their awareness of the importance of agriculture and our environment.

We are thankful to have this chance to participate in this event, gaining scientific knowledge on climate change and seeing our students with their small contribution starting from their Pakistan trip. We believe it is just the start of the journey in combating the climate change problem and we are here ready to contribute.

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