Punishment & Award reference




Code Item Accreditation
A001 Active participation in class activities Light merit
A002 Active participation in organizing school club activities Light merit
A003 Excellent performance in school club activities Merit
C001 Showing enthusiasm in helping schoolmates Light merit
C002 Model student of good learning attitude and manner Light merit
C003 Polite to teachers and schoolmates Light merit
C004 Returning found item Light merit
R001 Representing school for external competitions Light merit
R002 Representing school to join competitions with good performance Merit
R003 Make more honors for school Major merit
S001 Assisting teachers in maintaining class order Light merit
S002 Assisting teachers in class affairs Light merit
S003 Assisting class in organizing activities Light merit
S004 Class monitor Light merit
S005 Active participation in charity activities Light merit
S006 Assisting in school affairs with good performance Light merit
S007 Showing enthusiasm in helping teachers Light merit
S008 Class monitor of good performance Merit
S009 School prefects of good performance Merit

A: Activity               C: Conduct            R: Representing School     S: Service

*Max 2 merits will be counted in each category