PTA Keychain Workshop

The Perler Bead Keychain Workshop was held 11:00 am -12:00 noon on Saturday, 14 October 2023. The workshop had been postponed owing to bad weather in September. 

The workshop aimed at promoting parent-child relationship through handicraft work. Around 10 am, three student helpers started the preparation, setting the materials (coloured beads, coloured pencils, blank pattern sheets, sample designs, key chain parts …etc.) on the benches in the newly renovated Art Room. 

The workshop began by a brief welcome from Ms Grace, the Chairperson of the PTA and Broadway’s VA teacher, at 10 am; followed by welcome words of Mr Yu, the vice-chairperson. Ms Samina and her son also attended the workshop. 

Ms Grace explained the steps of making the keychain. After a pattern of Perler beads was made on a pegboard, it was taken for ironing by student helpers at the front.  Ironing was to melt and join the plastic beads into one bigger piece of unique design of the participant, though she/he might have chosen one from the design samples provided or found on the Internet. Mr Tsang, the Secretary, assisted the assembling of the patterned Perler Beads and parts of keychain. 

Parents and children were absorbed in the pattern-making process that tapped the eye-hand coordination and fine-motor skills of the participants. With enough patience and skills, participants made their own patterned Perler Beads and finally a key chain. The ironing also tapped necessary skills and attention of student helpers. If the patterned beads were overheated, another pattern needed to be made again. 

Altogether, nine parent-child pairs attended the workshop. Finally, parents and children brought home keychains of their own design! Each parent-child pair was also given a HK$50 supermarket cash coupon the following week.