PTA Day Trip (2024) to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden 

The PTA Day Trip (2024) to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (Lam Kam Road, Tai Po) was held on 28 April 2024, Sunday. 57 participants (including three teachers) took part in it. Since the weather conditions had been very unstable the week prior to the day trip, we were worried if the day trip would be cancelled or not. 

The weather conditions were alright, but cloudy only, in most of morning time. Most importantly, no rainstorm signal was issued by the Observatory. And therefore, it was not hot. The air is fresh in the countryside. 

Mr Tsang, as a Tourism and Hospitality teacher, was our tour guide on the coach. He briefed us the itinerary, the history of the Kadoorie Farm and what it is about. Parents and teenage children were punctual and therefore we arrived at the Farm before 10 am. The Farm is a popular spot for families to browse around. Many students had their very first visit to the Farm that is on the hillside. It was novel for them to see the animals and plants inside. It was enjoyable for parents and teenage children spending time together watching the animals, birds and plants and doing leisure walking in a tranquil place. 

After 11 am, it started to shower. Around 12:30pm, we set off for lunch in a restaurant that offers halal food nearby on Kam Sheung Road. After such a rich meal, we went back to Meifoo.