Personal Growth Program 2017-2018

Personal Growth Program 2017-2018

S1: The training day for the development of the sense of team work and co-operation.

Date: September – November 2017

Venue: HKCYS JC Belverdere Garden Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre (Tsuen Wan)


S2: Mental Health Camp

Date: December 2017

Venue: Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp

Powered By Service workshop





S2 students

Date: Mar 7, Mar 14 and Mar 21

Through a high-energy, transformative learning experience, students discover their ability to impact the world by building personal

and community leadership skills.

PBS places a strong emphasis on service as a means to develop the whole person,

introducing important topics that are often not covered within the standard Hong Kong curriculum.


At the workshop, I learnt many things and the one I like the most was personal sparks.

Forming a group with my classmates and asking each others what we are good at and thinking about it ourselves was very interesting

but funny at the same time. I hope we can have the workshop next year too.




At the workshop, I learnt many things but my favourite one was listening skills.

 Learning how I can have better communication skills was interesting.

Teaming up with my classmates and sharing dreams one by one while others listened felt like we belonged and someone was there to listen.

Somehow, at the end of the workshop,we left with happiness and full of knowledge.


Jenisha SHAHI


During the workshop we had, I had learnt a lot of things, like for example finding my Personal Sparks,

having Leadership Skills & Cooperation. This taught me a lot about myself and what I need to improve in myself,

and this also allowed me to get to know my fellow classmates even better. This overall was a great experience

and I would love to do it again.




I would just like to say that the entire workshop was wonderful. It had exciting games and memorable moments. Especially the lesson I have learnt, it was a very valuable workshop that I would wish to take part in again. The first week was a surprise. I didn’t expect it to be fun. In all honesty, the first time I’ve heard about it, I thought it was going to be some lame workshop where we just sit and listen but the jolly helpers and the exciting games changed my view on the workshop.

The third week was also great, I enjoyed the time I had with my group as well as the helpers that participated. The games, videos, talks and lesson actually helped me a learn lot about myself and how to be a leader. My favourite part was learning my personal spark. I know that I love art, I loved to draw and create characters from my imagination. I even enjoyed drawing on the poster about my personal sparks, and learning about my classmates personal spark. Learning to be a good leader was fun too – honestly, I actually felt like a good leader when I led my team! It’s a shame it all had to end.

But I do hope you come to teach us again next year, the lesson really helped me and my classmates a lot. So thank you!


Jasmine Ann ENRIQUEZ


S3: Mental Health Camp

Date: February 2018

Venue: Sai Kung PLK Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp