Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2022 – 2023

Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2022 – 2023

Ng Teng Fong scholarship was set up in 2015 in memory of Mr. Ng Teng Fong, the founder of Sino Group, with an aim at encouraging less privileged students from secondary schools who have good academic achievement.

Besides, students should also have the following attributes such as good conduct and active participation in extra-curricular activities and community activities. The value of the scholarship is HK$5000.

Award Winner 2022-23:


I have several goals that I want to achieve and I am going to tell you my plan to reach my goals .

As a form 5 student, my main goal is to get a good result in the DSE so that I would be able to study the program I wish to pursue. To achieve this , I am working very hard and I have started doing past papers . I believe ‘’practice makes perfect’’ and past papers are a great tool to help me get good results . Besides , I have joined extra tutorial in school , whenever I am not clear about any concept ,I am willing to seek help from teachers . Not only that , I saved some of my pocket money to buy supplementary books so that I can prepare well for my upcoming DSE .

I always have a positive attitude towards my studies because we are lucky to be living in  Hong Kong as an ethnic minority . We have more chances to make our future bright . Life is not easy , seeing my parents struggle a lot makes me cry .This becomes my motivation to work hard . I hope I will be able to repay and support my parents in the future .

My future plan is to study social science in the University and become a secondary school teacher teaching IH. I hope I can come back and teach at Broadway one day so that I can spread my knowledge to the students who are mainly ethnic minorities . I really want to inspire and motivate the next generation of students to achieve their full potential .

I believe I can contribute to the society through teaching . I hope I can guide the coming generation in their studies and improve their learning skills by sharing my own experience . I hope I will be a role model for them and can enhance their interests in studies so that at least some of them may want to follow my footsteps . My main goal is to help students reach their goals . Being a Pakistani , I want to help improve the livelihood and well – being of ethnic minorities in HK . I hope we can have better job opportunities through education and in turn we can contribute more to Hong Kong in the future.

Class Teacher Ms Hung PS’s Recommendation of Aneesa

I am very pleased to recommend Hussain Aneesa apply for the scholarship. As her class teacher and Economics teacher, I have known her quite well. She has been a wonderful student and it was always a pleasure to have her in the classroom. She is bright and modest at the same time.

Aneesa is extremely hardworking when it comes to academic. She did not just get the first position in her form, but also in Chinese, BAFS, Economics, THS and CSD. Annesa is industrious and highly-motivated in studies. She is very attentive in class and participates actively in different class activities. She is also very helpful to her classmates in learning.  Aneesa is always punctual in handing in assignments with good quality. She can keep a good standard in learning even during online lessons. She was never late to class. Overall, Aneesa is a capable and reliable student with outstanding academic achievement.

Aneesa is a member of the perfect club. Being a perfect, she displays leadership quality such as confidence, initiative and problem-solving skills. She is a role model to schoolmate by following school rules. Aneesa is very helpful and willing to take up extra responsibilities whenever necessary.  She also actively participates in school activities such as sport day, inter-school competitions, and flag selling. This year, she is the vice president of the Student Welfare Association.

Aneesa understands well that education is a prerequisite for climbing the social ladder. Therefore, she studies very hard in order to further her study in university. Her aspiration is to become a teacher in Broadway to share her own experience in learning and life in Hong Kong as an ethnic minority with her future students who are facing similar challenges and difficulties. Her consistent work and outstanding academic achievement show that Aneesa has determination and plan to realize her aspiration as a teacher in future career.

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