Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2021 – 2022

Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2021 – 2022

Ng Teng Fong scholarship was set up in 2015 in memory of Mr. Ng Teng Fong, the founder of Sino Group, with an aim at encouraging less privileged students from secondary schools who have good academic achievement.

Besides, students should also have the following attributes such as good conduct and actively participate in extra-curricular activities and community activities. The value of the scholarship is HK$5000.

5A Bibi Haiirah

Bibi Hajirah has been an exemplar student of the school. She has been first of the form for the past five years and from what I know, it is not a result of a strong family background. Her parents could not teach her academically due to a limited education background and she has not been enrolled in any private tutorial. She was basically born in a family with a low social-economic status. She relied mostly on her own determination and passion for studies.  She is one of the earliest students who comes back to school and start with her journey of studying in class well before the start of each day. For each lesson, she would try her best to answer and ask questions. And right after school, it is common to see her around looking for teachers for learning resources. She is serious at studies and prepare well for examinations.

Hajirah is also a person with a great heart. She is constantly helping out the others regardless of who it is – whether they are smart or not. Whoever her seatmates are, they would find it pleased to have Hajirah guiding them from time to time.  She would constantly help out with the class whenever the opportunity presents itself. She has long been in the Road Safety team since junior which is responsible for the safety of nearby traffic. When she was in S4, she took the initiative to apply for being a school prefect, taking up more responsibilities to help her schoolmates. She has been nominated multiple times to represent school for different Inter-school competitions and she would do her best in these activities.

Even with all her achievements above, Hajirah still remains humble and courteous. She excels in both conduct and academics. She definitely earns this opportunity to be nominated and that with assistance from this scholarship, it would absolutely help her a great deal in many ways to support her further expense in her academic life.

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