Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2018 – 2019

Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2018 – 2019




Elirie always show a strong determination in learning even she has excellent academic performance for consecutive years. It is impressive for me to receive a rare complaint from her parents that Elirie insisted on going to school under a poor physical condition, because of the aspiration of not missing any lessons.

According to my observation and information from other teachers and students, she never fail to fulfill her responsibilities. She is also one of the most responsible student mentors who take care of the mental health and school life adaptation of secondary one students in the school.

Elirie always seek for improvements in different aspects not just academics. Elirie is the Captain in her House and she is a good leader that inspire other schoolmates to work together. She participates varies school activities and social services (Big Brothers Big Sisters Program to take care of junior form students). She also offers help to teachers actively even she is very busy. She wants to work for the public in different social issues so to create a better future for the whole society. With a big dream yet self-evaluated limitations, she would like to broaden the horizons in university and devote herself to community


In order to maintain excellent academic performances for all-time and be a responsible leader, she needs to sacrifice her leisure time hence she would not fail the expectations from parents, teachers and house members.

It is my pleasure to see a student who grow up in adversity has determination to improve the socio-economic situation of her family by persistent hard works. I am even gratified that a student would not forget the people in need when she is climbing up the social ladder.

She is active in learning. After finishing the works assigned by teachers, she will try to find extra learning materials. It seems that she did not face great challenges in the current stage of learning. Besides, she is an independent student who seldom need teachers to remind her to kick start her works. As a non-Chinese speaker, she demonstrates good attitude in learning Chinese by communicating more frequently in Cantonese in daily life. Her post in ECA may also help her develop leadership.

As mentioned, Elirie would like to study Politics in her post-secondary education career. She has strong determination in helping other people in need to live better. She would like to join the political parties or any organisations which aims at building a harmonious society with a protection of human rights in Hong Kong.

Mr. Kot Kwok Chiu

Head of Student Affairs