Monitor Monitress Duties


All the class Monitors have the right and duties to assist the class and subject teachers to maintain a good order in their own classroom.

Red Monitor / Monitress

  1. Report to the general office when the subject teacher does not turn up for five minutes after the bell.
  2. Remind the fellow students who are on duty to clean the blackboard after a lesson.
  3. IT (on-line brown book)
  4. Collection of the homework (Language Subjects)

Blue Monitor / Monitress

  1. Instruct fellow students to greet the teacher and say “Goodbye”.
  2. Accompany the student who requests an early leave and brings along the classroom diary to the general office.
  3. Supervisor of classroom facilities
  4. Collection of the homework (Science Subjects)

Green Monitor / Monitress

  1. Switch off the lights and fans when all students have left.
  2. Collect all homework and pass the homework record form to the Red monitor/monitress.
  3. Fetch notices from the school office when being asked.
  4. Manipulating the use of classroom keys
  5. Collection of the homework (Art Subject)

Yellow Monitor / Monitress

  1. Fill in the classroom diary and remind subject teachers to sign the classroom diary.
  2. Collect the classroom diary and the padlock at the school office every morning and return the classroom diary after school.
  3. Buy exercise books at the school office for fellow students.
  4. Supervise the cleanliness of the classroom
  5. Collect of the homework (Mathematics)