Health Education 2019 – 2020

Health Education 2019 – 2020

Mental Health Talks to S1-S6
Believe yourselves for S1
Appreciation and support for S2
Japanese Harmony Pastel workshop for S3
Mindfulness workshops for S4 and S5
Hope for S6


Mental Health Talks to S1-S6


S1: Believe yourselves

September 25, 2017

During form assembly


(Before the form assembly)

Guidance member to prepare

1. Tape and scissors (1 set per class)

2. Strengths and weaknesses cards

3. Prizes


(During the form assembly)

Guidance member to present

1. Show the PPT with video

2. Explain why it is important to know one’s own strengths and weaknesses

3. Explain that the class teachers will look for cards with good answers. Students with good cards can get prizes.


(During the class teacher period)

S1 Class teachers

1. Distribute the cards to the students

2. Help students fill in the cards

3. Tell students to stick the cards on their desks with tape

4. Good cards will receive prizes

Believe yourselves cards


S2: Appreciation and support

1. Gratitude KING & QUEEN / Mr & Ms. Gratitude


Step 1:

When students write thank you to cards to three different students, we can collect them first and award gratitude king/queen based on the number of times they were thanked. E.g., if student A got the most number of thank you cards, they win the title.

Step 2:

In the form morning assembly, we can present the award to the gratitude king & queen of each class.

2. Who’s thankful for that?


Step 1:

On a small piece of paper, each student writes down one thing they are grateful for in their life. NOT A THANK YOU TO SOMEONE SPECIFIC. They also have to write down their name on the paper and then fold it.

Step 2:

Teacher/helper collects all FOLDED papers in a box/bag.

Step 3:

Different students take turns to draw out a paper and read the STATEMENT. OTHER students raise their hand to guess who that statement/paper belongs to, who could be grateful for such a thing.


Students who can guess the name right may get a small gift.

3. PowerPoint presentation on “Strategies to be more grateful in your every day life”

Thank you card

Mindfulness Workshops