Guilin Study Tour (Scouts)

As part of a scout cultural exchange program, four scouts from our school had the incredible opportunity to visit Guilin, China. The primary objective of the program was to visit one of the schools in Guilin and engage in a meaningful cultural exchange with our Chinese peers. Moreover, they were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the country’s rich cultural heritage. Beyond simply touring historic landmarks, they sought to gain a deeper understanding of the traditions, customs, and values that have shaped Chinese civilization over millennia. By visiting iconic sites and engaging with local communities, students can learn more about Chinese culture from the communities.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Visiting LongJi Terraces(龍脊梯田)

Day 2 Farming Experience and Welcome Banquet

Day 3 Visiting a Secondary School in Guilin and Jingjiang Princes’ Palace(靖江王府)

Day 4 Understanding the hydraulic engineering in Guilin

Day 5 Making Mooncake

Here are the reflections from the participants.

1O Yu Tsz Hin, Jacky  

During our visit to Guilin, we were amazed by the impressive infrastructure that enabled the city to thrive. From the modern high-speed rail system connecting Guilin to other major hubs, to the well-planned urban development seamlessly integrating nature and technology, the trip revealed China’s strategic investment in building worldclass public works. This glimpse into the country’s forward-thinking infrastructure left a lasting impression and deepened our understanding of China’s rapid modernization

2H Chan Nam

The highlight of our Guilin trip was the opportunity to visit a local school and engage directly with Chinese students. Through this cultural exchange, I gained invaluable insights into the education system, learning styles, and academic pressures faced by youth in China.

2E Leung Tin Kwan, Rex

The trip to Guilin offered an invaluable geography lesson, Exploring the different mountains and rock formations in Guilin was a highlight of the trip. This hands-on exploration of

Guilin’s environment fostered a deeper understanding of the forces that have shaped this unique corner of China.

5A Khan Muhammad Diyan Khan

During the Guilin trip, we had the chance to try many delicious Chinese foods. We tasted regional specialties like rice noodles and steamed buns. The best part was learning to make traditional mooncakes, a special pastry for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This hands-on experience allowed us to better understand Chinese culinary culture.

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