Good Behavior Scheme 2019 – 2020

Good Behaviour Nomination Scheme 2019-2020

Our teachers nominate the students with good behaviour every month. Good behaviour prize coupons will be given to students the week following the nomination. Moreover, the school will post the results on our school website every month. We hope that it will encourage students to behave well.


Good behaviour falls into different categories:

  1. Academic performance such as showing consistent effort in studies and significant positive change in learning attitude;
  2. Conduct such as showing significant positive change in behaviour;
  3. Extra-curricular activities such as good performance in carrying out duties as a committee member or good results in competitions;
  4. Service to fellow students, the class, the school and community.

The winners are:

SEPT 2019 OCT 2019 NOV 2019 DEC 2019
JAN 2020 FEB 2020 MAR 2020 APR 2020
MAY 2019 JUN 2020 JUL 2020 summer holiday


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Those students can use the prize coupon(s) to redeem gifts from Ms Eryn / Mr Yuen. Students may choose to accumulate the prize coupons to redeem bigger gifts. When students redeem the gifts, we will stamp on the prize coupons. The students can keep the redeemed prize coupon(s) as a record of their good behaviour.

No. of Coupons Prize
2 Stationery (e.g. gel ink pen & ruler)
3 Stationery (e.g. gel ink pen, mechanical pencil [thick lead] with sharpener, highlighter, file & eraser)
5 Stationery (e.g. memo pad, sticky notes, glue stick, mechanical pencil & gel ink pen)
8 Stationery (e.g. manual fan with pen, 6-in-1 pen) and others (e.g. Finger Twister & building toy)
10 Stationery (e.g. correction tape [pack of 6]) and others (e.g. mini UNO & nail clipper)
15 Others (e.g. mirror, key chain with mirror, earphones, Monopoly Deal & jewellery box)
20 Stationery (e.g. pencil case & diary) and others (e.g. tote bag)
22 Stationery (e.g. schedule diary & poster marker [pack of 12]) and others (e.g. portable bottle)
25 Others (e.g. USB 3.0 flash drive [16GB], thermal mug & backpack)
28 Others (e.g. 2-in-1 USB 3.0 flash drive [16GB], USB 3.0 flash drive [32GB] & backpack)
30 Free Ticket to Ocean Park (after Final Examination)

*Note: All the gifts will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. The guidance team reserves the right to determine the final gifts list.

If you have any enquiries / suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks & Cheers,

Ms Eryn & Mr Yuen

Good Behaviour Program teachers-in-charge

Guidance Team