Future Stars 2018 Upward Mobility Scholarship

Future Stars 2018 Upward Mobility Scholarship


The Commission on Poverty (CoP), chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, promotes poverty alleviation work through, among others, encouraging cross-sector collaboration among the community, the business and professional sectors and the Government.


The “Future Stars” programme under the CoP is supported by businesses, professionals, the social service and education sectors as well as the Government, and aims at helping youths from less privileged families develop their full potential without being constrained by their present socio-economic status.


Awarded students can use the scholarship amounting to HK$5,000 each to realise their goals and plans, which may include bringing about an improvement in their learning environment and seeking further learning opportunities.





I would like to thank my Upward Mobility Scholarship sponsor, and share my thoughts on the scholarship award as follows:


I am honored that I have been awarded this precious scholarship. I have never thought that I will win. Receiving this award is such a blessing. Since $5000 is substantial, I will use this money very wisely.


I will use part of the money for some educational courses. For example, joining some extra Chinese and English classes which could be useful for my future as I want to work in Hong Kong later on.


Besides joining educational courses, I am also planning to attend some dancing classes. It is because dancing is one of my hobby and passion. I have always wanted to be good in it and now I will do my best.


For the rest of the money, I will keep it for saving and use it in times of emergency like when my family needs it or when I need to buy school textbooks so that I don’t put burden on my family .


Once again, I would like to thank the scholarship sponsor, Henderson Land Group. Thank you very much. I am really grateful to receive this pleasing award.





I am very honored to be sponsored by Henderson Land Group and to be chosen for this scholarship is very uplifting. As like any award that I have received, it is truly another opportunity that presented itself just as it was when I was first nominated.


I emphasize a lot on discipline now that I am reaching my last chapter of high school life and getting prepared for HKDSE itself has proven to be a difficult task.


The transition itself is what I find the most challenging.


From a couch potato that does things only when necessary to having to fix a daily routine where being a couch potato was limited to a few hours.


And how is this connected to the opportunity that I mentioned earlier? Well, I have definitely not one to waste a scholarship. There’s still work to do in order to truly harvest the fruit of what this scholarship offers me. Utilization of resources is required.


What can I make out of it that will enlighten me the most? There are many pathways and although people may consider that a cluster of interests, it is quite simple to me. Everything is an opportunity.


Again, I am thrilled to receive the ‘Future Stars – Upward Mobility Scholarship’ and many thanks to my sponsor and to my teachers that nominated me.