Future Stars 2017 Upward Mobility Scholarship

Future Stars 2017 Upward Mobility Scholarship

The Commission on Poverty (CoP), chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, promotes poverty alleviation work through, among others, encouraging cross-sector collaboration among the community, the business and professional sectors and the Government. The “Future Stars” programme under the CoP is supported by businesses, professionals, the social service and education sectors as well as the Government, and aims at helping youths from less privileged families develop their full potential without being constrained by their present socio-economic status.

Awarded students can use the scholarship amounting to HK$5,000 each to realise their goals and plans, which may include bringing about an improvement in their learning environment and seeking further learning opportunities.



The Gentlemen in black suit was our alumnus who is the representative of the sponsorship company.

27 – 1 – 2018

4B (4) Austria Val Paul Gabriel



I would like to thank my Upward Mobility Scholarship sponsor, and share my thought on the scholarship award as follows: I am honored and privileged that I won this prestigious scholarship. Firstly, I would like to thank Miss Hung for nominating me to receive this scholarship. Secondly, I would like to thank Alliance Engineering Co., the sponsor of my scholarship. I think that this Scholarship is a really good opportunity for students to have money to spend for there own development whether for educational purposes or for one’s self as a person. Especially since $5,000 is no small amount of money. I personally used the scholarship to buy an electric keyboard, I have always had a big interest and inclination towards music, and I have self taught myself how to play the piano. However, my old electric keyboard broke, so I haven’t been able to practice playing the piano in awhile, so I decided to buy a new keyboard to further advance my skills. And for the remaining amount of the scholarship, I am planning to keep it and spend for any needs that I might need in the future. Once again, I would like to thank my school for nominating me and the sponsor of the scholarship.



5A (10) Jaezel Audrei Gonzales Aguibitin



I, Gonzales Jaezel Audrei Aguibitin of Delia Memorial School (Broadway), would like to thank my Upward Mobility Scholarship sponsor, and share my thoughts on the scholarship award.


When I was chosen to participate in this scholarship, frankly, I was not expecting to win. At the same time, I promised myself that I would contribute my greatest efforts. That I would do whatever I could to display what my dreams and aspirations are. As well as what I am really passionate about. I genuinely wanted to show what type of person I am and remain true to myself. I believed that with diligence and originality, comes a successful end result.


Now, upon receiving this award, I have no doubt that I will be a step closer in reaching my goals. So, I am truly thankful in having received this scholarship award. With this, I will not only be helping myself, but as well as my own family too. I have decided that I would use it wisely.


A part of it may be used on a new laptop. I will be using that for further studies, such as projects and essays and as well as a means of learning more about film/photography editing software. I would like to excel in more creative mediums. Apart from that, I would also be using the scholarship award to purchase books related to my studies, possibly Literature and History books and core subjects, to help alleviate my family’s financial burden. To add on, I would also use it to buy other reading materials, such as novels, as a source of creativity and to broaden my perception about different things in today’s world.


Once again, I would like to give a big thank you to my Upward Mobility Scholarship sponsor. With this award, I have gained strength and even more determination than ever. It encourages me to believe more in myself, believe that I still have many more things in store for me in my coming years. Thank you very much.



5A (28) Pelaez, Alodia Kristina Rejano



I would like to thank my Upward Mobility Scholarship sponsor, and share my thoughts on the scholarship award as follows:


Being able to receive a scholarship award is such a blessing as it opens and gives me a new opportunity to explore something new for my future. I’ve planned to save up the scholarship award for now as I would like to spend it on my university fee. And if I ever have the chance to go to University of Sydney to further study Architecture outside Hong Kong in the future, I will use it to help myself fulfill my dreams of getting to University of Sydney.


I also plan to spend some of it on my current needs, for instance, for projects for my art subject due and would definitely spend it wisely to not carelessly spend it all on things that I can manage to do things by myself and save it up for my future plans. As for now, I would save it up to able to help myself for additional fees that I would need for university and some few books for my own self study on basic architecture to be prepared on what I will take in university.


I really am grateful to be able to receive a scholarship award as I will continue to believe that there are things that I can achieve without money as a hinder to further my studies and that there are generous people that will help students like us to fulfill further achievements in life and I am thankful for that really. As a promise to myself, I will work harder to reach beyond what I expected I can do and hopefully get more opportunities for myself for greater deeds and achievements in the future and the current present.