Fund Raising & Flag Selling Activities 2023- 2024

DateOrganizationFund Raised
08 – 11 – 2023Gold Flag Fund Raising$20117.2
18 – 11 – 2022Community Chest Flag Day244 students participated
04 – 05 -2024The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association25 students participated

Community Chest Flag Day on 18th November

The Community Chest Flag Day 2023 was held on 18th November from 7:30 am to 11:30 am. A total of 244 S4 and S5 students from our school participated. We encourage our students to join different community services to get more involved in the society and to show their care and love to the people in need. All donations raised will be allocated in full to the Chest’s 168 social welfare member agencies which provide a wide range of social services to benefit over 2.5 million needy in Hong Kong.

The Community Chest Flag Day Awards

Thanks to the efforts of students and parents in participating in the Community Chest Flag Day, our school has received the following awards:

Highest Number of Participants Awards – 2nd Runner-up
Outstanding Participation Rate Award – 3rd Runner-up
Excellent Fund-raising Award in “Gold Flag Sale”