Environmental Protection Education 2022 – 2023

Paper Recycle Campaign

School Environmental Protection Ambassador Badge

Class Environmental Protection Ambassador Badge


1. Students learn to practice recycling for the sake of environmental conservation.

2. Students learn to keep the school clean.

Recycling Campaign – How?

1. Each class has a box for collecting waste paper.

2. Class teachers assign at least 2 Class Environmental Protection Ambassadors (CEPAs) to help collect scrap/waste paper and deliver the recycling box to the School Environmental Protection Ambassadors (SEPAs) on ground floor during the 1st class-teacher period.

3. The collected waste paper will be weighted and recorded by SEPAs.

4. The results will be counted at the end of each school term.


Results of the 1st Term

1M, 2O, 3M, 4B, 5B, and 6C are the champions of each form