PowerThru Program by the EmpowerU

The PowerThru Education Program is an initiative from EmpowerU to create education opportunities and a learning community, leveraging their pedagogical expertise and connection to the University of Hong Kong, their team has partnered up with 10 excellent instructors to introduce five courses to students.

In this school year, they provide two courses in Broadway: “Drama Dojo” and “It’s Debatable”

Drama Dojo

In this course, students learned how to express themselves through the medium of acting. They also learned the fundamentals of acting through interactive and engaging activities such as improvisation games. The course encouraged students to step out of their comfort zone, and gain social and emotional skills. At the end of the course, students highlighted their acting abilities and public speaking skills learned from the course by performing group dramatic scenes in front of their peers and instructors. They also met guest students from The University of Hong Kong, who are part of the university’s common core course teaching undergraduate students theater and performing arts.