Drugs Education 2023-2024

Drugs Education 2023-2024

Healthy School Program with a Drug Testing Component

Drug Testing

Four drug tests were conducted in 2023-2024


The process take about 10 to 15 minutes, with every effort made to minimize disruption to learning and teaching, which includes:

(a) Screening interview in an interview room
(b) Collection of urine specimen in a rest room
(c) Screening test in an interview room; and
(d) Debriefing in an interview room

Number / percentage of students joined the scheme:

 ??? students /??? %

Number of students selected in the 4 tests:

??? students

 (???% of participating students selected by the SDT team for drug testing)

Number of students refused to be tested after selection

 ?? student

Number of students tested positive

 0 student


S1 Drug Center Visit

Date: 12th & 26th April 2024

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Venue: Hong Kong Jockey Club Drug InfoCentre at Admiralty

Content: Exploration of the exhibition boards corners, worksheets, video broadcast and games


  • Encourage students to learn and explore various types of harmful drugs
  • Learn about the legal consequences of drugs related offences

S1-S6 Drugs Prevention Workshop

Workshops related to drugs were conducted in September and October in the school gym. Here is a list of workshops conducted:

Drugs Education TalkS115/9/23