Drugs Education 2017-2018

Drugs Education 2017-2018


S1 Visiting Drug Info Centre

Objective: Encourage students to learn and explore various types of harmful drugs

Date: 27, 28, 30/11&1/12/2017

Time: 12:45pm-3:30pm

Venue: Drugs Info Centre

Content: Exploration of the exhibition boards corners, worksheets, video broadcast and games




S2 / S3 Drugs Prevention Workshop

Objective: Understanding the adverse effects of drugs abuses and cigarette smoking


Time: 70 minutes each workshop

Venue: Classrooms

Content: PowerPoint presentation, question and answer activities and role play exercises.



S4 Drugs Prevention Talk

Objective: To enhance students understanding of drugs abuses and psychological health

Date: 16/11/2017

Time: 2:10pm-3:20pm

Venue: Gymnasium

Content: PowerPoint presentation, video broadcast and Q&A