Conduct Assessment


1. Basic Conduct Marks

Each student has a basic conduct marks of 100. All teachers are authorized to upgrade or downgrade students’ conduct marks. It is a continuous conduct assessment in each term.

2. Operation

When students show good behaviors, teachers can add them conduct mark or give them honor (equivalent to +5 marks), merit (equivalent to +15 marks), major merit (equivalent to +45 marks). On the contrary, when students show deviant behaviors, teachers can deduct them mark or give them light demerit (equivalent to -5 marks), demerit (equivalent to -15 marks), major demerit (equivalent to -45 marks).

There are four categories for upgrading students’ conduct marks, likes good behaviors, services, competitions, and others. In each category, each student can only get 30 conduct marks (equivalent to 2 merits) at most. The exceeding conduct marks will not be shown into student’s final conduct marks.

Student can only receive each award item once in each term from a teacher. A teacher granting the same award item to a student more than once in each term is invalid.

Refer to “The references for students punishment and award” for the standard for assessment.
The scale of marks and conduct grades are as follows:

Marks Grade
>=161 A+
>=146 A
>=131 A-
>=116 B+
100 B(Basic Mark)
>=89 B
>=79 B-
>=69 C+
>=59 C
>=49 C-
>=39 D+
>=29 D
<29 D-

Add conduct Marks

Good mark = 1
Light Merit = 5
Merit = 15
Major Merit =45

Deduct conduct Marks

Black mark = 1
Light demerit = 5
DeMerit = 15
Major demerit =45

* No punishment record for A+ conduct
* Student who has been punished by 2 or more light demerits cannot get A conduct.