Community Services 2023 – 2024

Yes~Igniting!! WE CAN!! 仁人好義事

(1) Objectives:
Personal level: Through voluntary work, Chinese and ethnic minority youths can learn and actively practice the core Confucian principles of “benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom.” This not only enhances their personal character and qualities but also cultivates them to become responsible and exemplary citizens.
Community level: Voluntary work plays a vital role in fostering stronger bonds and active participation among young people and the community. By engaging in voluntary activities, we can encourage the community to collaborate and address the needs of disadvantaged groups. Furthermore, volunteering helps in promoting and spreading the values of “benevolence, justice, propriety, and wisdom” as essential aspects of mutual support and care within the community.

(2) Implementation period:
May 2022 to July 2024

(3) Target:
Chinese and ethnic minority youth

Voluntary Services at the kindergarten 7th Feb 24

A Visit to St. Anthony’s Kindergarten (Belvedere Garden)

The student volunteers prepared the role-play, interactive games and group DIY handicraft (stress paper dice) activities with the children in kindergarten. The student volunteers also have a group discussion with the children about “EMOTION” and teach the children some English emotion words. The students also do a role play and share the idea of some simple and useful coping skills with the children in kindergarten.

Elderly Centre Visit on 28th Nov 23

A Visit to Un Chau Neighbourhood Elderly Center

The student volunteers prepared interactive games and some stretching exercises with the elderly. The students formed groups with the elderly and had team games together and chatted with the elderly. At the end of the activities, the student volunteers also prepared a DIY card drawing activities and made greeting cards with the elderly together.

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