Community Services 2017 – 2018

Community Services

Visiting The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

To enhance your child/ward understanding of the facilities and the services of The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

Date: 20th March, 2018 (Tue)

Venue: Shek Kip Mei



Visiting Single Elderly

To cultivate students to understand and care single elderly and bring joy and love to elderly.

Date: 28th April, 2018 (Sat)

Venue: Kwai Fong Estate



Visiting South-Asia Weak Community Families

To cultivate students to share joy to their fellow countrypersons and support them.

Date: 29th May, 2018 (Wed)

Venue: Tsz Ching Estate Mutual Aid Committee, Tsz Wan Shan



S.4B(4) Amnanoor


The weather was incredibly favourable when we arrived at the place. It was windy. I was

responsible for the reception part with two other partners who I knew so it wasn’t difficult to communicate. I encountered some difficulties in recognizing the names of the children since it was in Chinese but I was surprised that the children could discover it by themselves. Actually I am good in speaking Chinese so I wasn’t that nervous however my partners were so I was encouraging them not to be and it was fun to communicate with them because they were all so kind like they offered us water when we arrived. Even in the end they offered us some snacks and CDs that impressed us. The staff also asked me about my religion and the fast we were having. I learned new Chinese words and how to communicate with different people. It was a valuable opportunity. The most fascinating part was the cheerful faces of the children. Overall, this activity was very meaningful as we got to learn some new things and see those happy faces when we helped them.


S.4D (15)- Brandon


Yesterday was a great day as I could have a chance to visit the Tsz Ching Estate and to know more about the Residents and their lifes and as I really liked to help. After we arrived there , we had to

do a lot of preparation before the event began . I saw there were a lot of children joining the event. I was so happy as I had never seen so many children joining local activities .
Being a photographer was a happy moment for me as I could take those shots so that I could see their happy faces. The Organiser had also made a game to let those children to have fun. There was also book telling and this was my first time listening to those teachers telling a story and I was pleased to see those children being serious.

To conclude, this trip was kind a fun and exciting.
Hope there’s more next time !!!


5A (11) –Janella


A week ago, I joined the visit where I helped the elderly and the community . The organiser gave us duties to help the kids and to organise the event for them. I was working with Amna and Paru as we both took part at the registration counter for the kids to participate the games. We both worked for putting name cards on the kids, and checked whether they had participated on these five consecutive days.
In my humble opinion, It was quite stressful and at the same time, worth consuming all the energy for the kids, because when all three of us are having a break, we managed to put all the kids to wear the name cards, as they were a huge wave of children, asking for the name cards to participate the activities. Even though, our understanding and knowledge on Chinese words seems to be lacking, we managed to figure out each one of the chinese character that is identical on one of the name cards, whom they joined a week before, if they were new kids who willingly to participate these activities, we would ask them to write a name in a piece of paper and we helped them wear their name cards.
Regardless of us being tiresome, after a wave of kids, at least we managed to solve the problem, and it helped us to gain more experience to handle these upcoming problems in the future, and we could see that it is quite hard to process it. Therefore, we are physically and mentally prepared that when we come across with the incident happening, at least we know how to handle this problem in the future. Furthermore, I would like to give a positive comment to organisers that the kids were very helpful to find their names so that we didn’t have any difficulty to cause any inconveniences. Therefore, I would like to thank the organisers who organise this activity for us to gain the experience from this job.


S.5A (12)-Gurbaksh Kaur


On the 30th May (Wednesday), I went to Tsz Ching Estate to provide community services to the residents of Tsz Ching Estate. It was a great experience as I learned a lot from this activity and it was great fun.

When we reached the Estate we were telling the social workers there about us like which school we are from, which form are we in and which country are we from and so on.

However, we didn’t just communicate with the social workers. We also talked to the parents but I was the lucky one who got the chance to talk to the youngest volunteer there who was about 5 years and 8 months. He was there to help his mom. I have learned a lot from him as he was the helper for 10 times already so he was guiding me as well as helping me to get my work done more quickly.

I was the helper in the handicraft stall and I was responsible to give out gifts but as my job was going to start later so I was helping on the counter and helping in the singing activities from which I gained lots of experience.

Overall, it was a very meaningful activity that provided great experience as everyone was willing to help each other.




The communication with the residents went really smooth. We talked with the kids more than the adults because we were in charge of the activities. The priest and the social workers there were really kind because they provided us with water and food and also explained out job really clearly. Participating in the singing and artwork activity was really fun because we could help make the children happy. Seeing the kids so happy makes me feel satisfied because it makes me feel like I did something to make them so happy. It was really nice to see them happy. I think it was a really good opportunity to practice my Chinese. I really like helping people but due to the lack of free time I have, I rarely go to volunteer and help so I think this was a good chance for me. This activity was very meaningful because we helped make the kids and their family happy. If there are more activities where I can help and be a volunteer, I would like to join them if I have the time.

S. 5A (42)-Paru


In this activity, I communicated with both adults and children. I was responsible for the reception part and my duty was to take attendance and give them the name cards . I had trouble in doing my duty because of language barriers. Not many people understood English and I don’t know how to speak in Chinese. Luckily one of the adults help me find the name cards for the children and I eventually learn how to find them because of her help.

The social workers were so helpful because when I had problem, they were there to help me overcome the obstacles and they were so friendly and kind. After the community work, they provided us with some drinks and snacks. They also gave their DVD track about our favorite songs as a souvenir.

The interesting parts was where my friends and one social worker sang a song for kids in china. Although I didn’t understand anything but I enjoyed it very much because of their facial expressions and their hand gestures .

Overall, this activity was very meaningful to me because it taught me that language barrier is nothing when you are making friends with others and even you can understand everything through their facial expressions. This activity also taught me that to never give up even though it is tiring and difficult to take one responsibility.


S.5B (19) – Priyaka


I’ve never done these kinds of services, it was something new to me. I was excited when I found out that we will be meeting with the residents of that place. I got even more excited when I knew there were kids involved. There were a lot of kids but I could see that they were anticipated in the activities and they were really excited and friendly. When we arrived at the place, we realised it was outdoor. We thought it was going to be indoor but we didn’t have a problem with that. I was in charge of the activities. Before the activities started, the social workers instructed us and told us what we were going to do. They were very kind and explained everything very well. I also noticed that they were very cheerful, especially the social worker who was in charge of the singing activity. We could see that he loved doing his job. I really loved doing the activities because I got to interact with the children and it was a lot of fun. Even though I was tired at some points I was still willing to do it.

Overall this experience is something I would like to do again. I got to help the social workers and I made the kids smile . That made me really happy and I wish we get to do these kinds of activities more.


S. 5B (30)-Nalina


During the visit, I didn’t communicate with the adults but I communicated with the children. When communicating with them, since they didn’t understand English I had to talk with them in Chinese. However, since my Chinese is poor, I found it hard to communicate with them in simple words.

I was a helper in the singing and art work activity. During those activities , I had to do singing and actions at the same time. It was enjoyable as the children were really happy when doing the activities . I was glad that the children enjoyed those activities.

When meeting with the social workers, they were really kind and gave us some goodies after the whole activity. They were kind and helpful and one of them spoke in English when thanking us at the end which I was really grateful about.

The interesting parts were singing with the kids and making the arts. Overall, the activity was really meaningful as it was my first time communicating with Chinese kids and doing activities at the same time.