Community Services 15 – 16

Community Services

Fun day in Elderly Centre

Date: 19 – 3 – 2016

Venue: Mei Foo

Our students visited the elderly centre at Mei Foo. They performed singing, magic, dancing to provide fun to elderly. Moreover, students taught elderly to do stretching exercise.

We also presented some gifts to elderly.

Serving Meals to Elderly

Date: 20 – 5 – 2016

Venue: Shamshuipo

Time: 4:15 – 6:30

Students visited Surplus Food Redistribution Service Centre and served meals to elderly.

Performance such as signing and dancing were arranged to entertain the elderly.

Students chatted with elderly and make a good evening to them.

Reflection from Student


It was a really great experience and quite knowledgeable.
The day earlier there was a talk in school which talked about the food providing service and taught us not to waste food and how to recycle the food. And the next day after school I got go there and see how it really works. For instance, how they prepare the food and who they give the food to. The experience was great because I really loved how the elderly enjoyed the performances and they were quite cheerful.


Asghar Ansa (5B-6)

It was great to spend quality time with elderlies. They were so generous and they showed their supportiveness. There were two performances during the visit, in first performance three girls sang songs that were in English and in second performance one girl danced on an Indian song. They couldn’t understand the languages but they still appreciate it by smiling and clapping. The visit was great and I hope to see them again.



On 20th of May, we have visited an elderly center in sham shui po. First we went to the kitchen to see how they prepare the lunch boxes for the elderly’s. Then we went to the center. First Mr. Chan with 3 students had performed signing and then Monika performed dancing. The performance was really great. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Especially the elderly’s. Although we didn’t spend more time with the elderly but still I enjoyed a lot.


Help Elderly Home Cleaning

Date: 28 – 5 – 2016

Venue: Kwai Fong Estate

Time: 2:00 – 5:00




It was my second time doing this volunteer service & I felt great by doing this service again.

The elderly that we visited was very down to earth and she shared about her personal life with us which was overwhelming.

This volunteer service was kinda tough for us it was because of the weather, the weather that day was really hot and it was a bit suffocating in the elderly house that we visited but we still managed to clean up for the elderly. We were 5 members in a group and divided each work for each of us and finished cleaning right on time. And the elderly was quite happy with our work which made us relieved.

By the end of the service it started to rain heavliy which made the weather a bit better.

Asghar Ansa (5B-6)

Visiting elderly in their homes

It was nice to meet elderly in their home because we could know more about them and could help them with their work. On the day of visit we first went to the house that we were suppose to go, but there was no one. Getting to know that was a bit disappointing since we really wanted to help them and know more about them. However, our disappointment lasted for a few seconds as the social worker who accompanied us told us that we can visit another elderly who lived in the same building.

Visit to another elderly was great. When we entered the house I thought the elderly would ask us to clean kitchen and toilet as they were too untidy. But she gave us the easiest work to do. We cleaned windows, doors and floor. When we were cleaning windows and doors, our towels got dirty and she was so nice to give us water in a plastic bowl not once but again and again whenever we needed it. She was also willing tell us about herself and about her family. She was too generous, I really liked her and I hope to visit her again.