Cleaning Campaign 2019 – 2020

Cleaning Campaign 2019 – 2020


  1. Provide a clean environment and promote study efficiency.
  2. Cultivate the value of responsibility.
  3. Cultivate the value respect others.
  4. Strengthen the spirit of student cooperation.


Target students: S1 and S2 classes


Students have to

  1. Keep classroom floor often clean. Pick rubbish up and put in the trash can immediately.
  2. Keep classroom blackboard clean after uses.
  3. Clean inter-active TV panel and computer monitor with cleaning spray in 1st and 2nd class teacher periods.
  4. The teacher’s desk should be neatly arranged, and no debris (such as newspapers, notes and books) should be placed on the teacher’s desk.
  5. Keep the books on the bookcase behind the classroom neatly arranged, and no other objects should be placed on it.
  6. Keep notice boards and wall panels clean and tidy, and expired materials and leaflets should not be posted.
  7. Wipe all desks with wet towel in 1st and 2nd class teacher periods.
  8. Keep student desks and chairs neatly arranged.
  9. Keep chairs under desks.
  10. Wipe classroom floor mop after school every Wednesday.


Operating procedures:

  1. Guidance team presents a general idea to students in form assembly.
  2. Class teachers must introduce to their classes in details and emphasis the purposes.
  3. Class teachers assign the above daily duties to the students on a rotation basis
  4. Class teachers instruct the monitors to fill the duty roster on the blackboard.
  5. Class teachers check the cleanliness and tidiness with monitors.
  6. Cleanliness Satisfactory Classroom CSC is selected by school administrators monthly and is awarded. The excellent classroom will get a surprise prize at the end of year.
  7. Resources: install towel rack in the classroom / dust pan and bloom / mops in toilets / towels / TV   cleaning spray