Civic & Moral Education 2015-2016

Civic & Moral Education 2015-2016

Civic Awareness

(1) Good citizen program to let students know more about how to be a good citizen through song, video and games in morning assembly.

(2)   4-Frame Comic Contest to promote how a good citizen should behave.

(3)    Registration and Electoral Office visit to enhance students’ understanding of Hong Kong’s electoral system.

(4)   Ngau Tau Kok Ambulance Depot visit to enhance students understanding of the duty of ambulance personnel and the services provided by the Government.

(5)  City Hunt Competition to enhance students understanding of Hong Kong district culture.

(6)  Endangered Species Resource Centre visit enhance students understanding of endangered species and how to protect them.

(7) Fight Crime Carnival

Good citizen program talk

Powerpoint and video introduction  of good citizens



4-Frame Comic Contest



Visit Registration and Electoral Office



A talk is given by the officer

Student is reading the information.

Learning through computer game.

A mock voting compartment for students to experience voting.

Students are witnessing a mock counting.

Students bring gifts and knowledge home.

Visit Ambulance Depot


Fight Crime NEC Engagement Carnival 2016
Date: 31st January 2016
Venue: Shamshuipo Police StationSchool Music Club was invited by Tsuen Wan Police Public Relations for the Outstanding Junior Police Call 2015 Ceremony. We went to Tsuen Wan Panda Hotel to have a music exchange performance with 
Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School on 18th February. Our students felt exciting and enjoyed in the event as we performed in front of the Tsuen Wan District Police Commander and other chief government officials. We have a well cooperate in music performance also have a good friendship development.



City Hunt Competition

15 students participated in a city hunt competition organized by Hong Kong Unison. Students formed four teams and were challenged to complete assigned tasks in 3 hours. The checkpoints were spread out on both Kowloon and Hong Kong sides. Our students benefited a lot from this event as the tasks required team cooperation, map reading skills and time management.  They applied what they have learnt from books to their real life. They also got to know more about the history of Hong Kong, different religions and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Two of our teams won in the competition. Congratulations to the teams!



A briefing session before the start of the competition.

Students are trying to complete their challenge.

Students are reporting their challenge scores.

Blue Team won the 1st runner-up.

Yellow Team won the champion.


Visit Endangered Species Resource Centre

To raise students’ awareness of protecting endangered speciesour students paid a visit to the Endangered Species Resource Centre on 4th May, 2016. During the visit, students learnt some knowledge about endangered species. There are 9 theme areas with 600 specimens of about 200 endangered species on display, including various kinds of fur skins, leather products, Chinese medicines, plants and live pets. Students had the chance to see the exhibits and some live wildlife. They learnt about the current situation of endangered animals and wildlife trade after this visit.



World Issues

Aim: To boost students’ awareness of pressing world issues


World Issues Month Format
70th Anniversary of World War II Dec, 2015 ?   Poster and powerpoint presentation in morning assemblies (all forms)
Energy Mar, 2016 ?   Poster and powerpoint presentation in morning assemblies (all forms)
Food Issue Mar, 2016 ?   Poster and powerpoint presentation in morning assemblies (all forms)
Communicable Diseases Apr, 2016 ?   Poster and powerpoint presentation in morning assemblies (all forms)
Climate Change May, 2016 ?   Poster and powerpoint presentation in morning assemblies (all forms)