Broadway Buddy 2021 – 2022

Broadway Buddies program 2021 – 2022


1.     To try and provide Broadway Buddies services to more than just 40 students.

2.     To aid form 1 students in their transition from primary to secondary school life.

3.     To train the BB mentors to be more welcoming, approachable, caring and responsible.

4.     To promote the services of BBs in better light to mentees so they are more willing to join and are more receptive to the help and guidance of the mentors.

Work Schedule

Part 1. Selection of Form 4 and Form 5 students to be a Broadway Mentors (Oct 5-9)

a.     Recommended by Form 4 and Form 5 class teachers

b.     Target around 20-25 students who have a caring nature and are sociable would be highly recommended

Part 2.  Recruitment of mentees (Oct 12-16)

a.     Class teachers of all junior classes can recommend 4-5 students from each class and totally around 48-60 students, either voluntary or class teachers identifies students who need care and concern

Work Schedule Period/Date Action Plan
Part 1



Oct 5-9



Recruitment of BB mentors:

Liaise with class teachers,

Talk to students, promotion,

Settle the list


Part 2



Oct, 12-16


Recruitment of BB mentees:

Liaise with junior form class teachers, Promotion, talk to the junior students and settle the list


Part 3



Late Oct Training of BB mentors:

Conduct and organize a series of focused workshops


Part 4 Nov


Matching the buddies:

Organize and conduct the matching day


Part 5



Dec 2021-March 2022 Lunch Time Gathering operation:

Schedule and operate the lunch time gathering, booking the bio lab, remaindering students, on duty during the lunch time gathering


Part 6



April 2022


Ending Trip / Day camp:

Organize and conduct the Trip, budgeting, recruitment, etc.