Broadway Buddy 2019 – 2020

Broadway Buddies program 2019 – 2020


  1. To develop a caring school atmosphere, senior students to show concern to Form 1 students
  2. To help Form 1 students to adjust their school life
  3. To help Senior Form students to develop their communication and leadership skills

Work Schedule

Part 1. Selection of Form 4 and Form 5 students to be a Broadway Mentors (Sept-Oct, 2019)

  1. Recommended by Form 4 and Form 5 class teachers
  2. Target around 20-25 students  who have caring characters and sociable are highly recommended

Part 2. Training of Mentor Oct, 2019

  1. Training day camp to train up all the mentors, 11th Oct, 2019

Part 3.  Identify of Form 1 students Sept – Oct 2019

Class teacher recruits 8-10 students from each class and totally around 36 to 40 students, either voluntary or class teachers identifies students who need care and concern

Part 4.  Matching up Broadway Buddy Late Oct 2019 –Dec 2019

Matching Day: Like some sort of gathering, preferable like day camp which senior Form students will chat and play with the Form 1 buddies

Part 5 Broadway Buddy Lunch Time Gathering Nov 2019-March 2020

  1. At least once a Month on Tuesday, Senior Broadway  Buddies will meet the Form 1 students during lunch in Bio Lab
  2. They will organize an event with all the Form 1 targets

Part 6. Ending Trip April 2020

There will be a trip to encourage Broadway Buddies to enjoy and play together. They are encourage to keep casual contact and friendship even the program finished.

Training day camp

Date: 11-10-2019

Time: 9am-330pm

Venue: Tso Kung Tam Recreational Centre

Person-in-charge: Ms Dong, Mr. Ip and Ms Chung

Target: 25 S4 to s5 students

Broad Game Rotation

Communication Skills Workshop



Matching day



Buddy Lunch Gathering



Buddy End Trip