S5 Workplace Visit

S5 Workplace Visit

    On 16 March 2017, all S5 students were invited to join the workplace visit organized by Hong Kong Unison and our school career guidance team. Students were divided into 7 groups according to their career interest for the workplace visit, including the Convoy Social Fund Limited, the Barclays, the Peninsula, the Children’s Place, Tung Wah College, the HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre Services for Ethnic Minorities Unit and the Caritas Community Centre (Kowloon). This career activity aims to provide an opportunity for students to explore the actual operation, the job nature and entrance requirements of various companies and job positions.


Hong Kong Inter-School Athletics Competition (Division II)

Organized by: Hong Kong School Sports Federation 


On 20th, 23rd and 28th February, 2017, we sent our school boys athletics team members to join the Hong Kong Inter –School Athletics Competition. Due to the effort of our members, they got 177.5 score and rank overall 2nd place in this competition.