Video Competition of Joint-School Students' Welfare Association

Career Interests Exploration Workshops

Student Support Team and the School Social Workers organized two Career Interest Exploration Workshops in October --- Leather Craft and Cake Bakery, aimed at 22 S3 to S5 students. The workshops aimed at exploring students’ career interests in different aspects so as to look into their interests and potentials which help for the career development in the future. Most of the participants showed positive responses to the activities especial they can use their handmade leather bag and share their cake with their friends and family members.


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Delia Inter-School English Competition

The Inter-School English Competition was held on 17th November, 2020. Students from Broadway, Glee Path, Hip Wo and Hip No. 2 participated in two rounds of competitions throughout the day. 

In the Boggle competition, students had three minutes to find four-letter words and above in 5x5 letter grids. In the General English Kahoot competition, they had to answer 20 questions from the areas of Vocabulary, Grammar, and Language.

In addition to having fun, Broadway students demonstrated their English skills well, placing 1st in Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3. Divisions 4 and 5 placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Congratulations to the winners of the Inter-School English Competition. We look forward to hosting another fun-filled event next year!


Inter-School English Competition