Photo Album for the year 2018-2019


Photo Album for the year 2017-2018


Photo Album for the year 2016-2017


Photo Album for the year 2015-2016


Photo Album for the year 2014-2015


Photo Album for the year 2013-2014

2013-2014 Class Logo 49th Speech Day Basketball Friendly Match with Police
Blood Donation 2014 Completion Ceremony 2014 Fight Crime Without Boundary Dancing Competition 2013
Flower Show 2014 Graduation Ceremony 2014 Horse Riding Program
iCity Prize Presentation Day Indoor Rowing Inter-class Boards Design I Competition
Inter-house basketball competition 2013 Inter-house Dance Competition 2014 Inter-house Football Competition
Inter-house Volleyball Competition Joint Schools Sports Day Cheering Team Joint Schools Sports Day
Kowloon West Ethnic Harmony Carnival 2013 Macau Study Tour Malaysia Cricket Study Tour 2014
OLE S4 Graffiti Painting Opening Ceremony of Fitness Room Peer mediator training camp
PTI Day S2 Problem Solving Training Camp S3 Leadership Training Camp
S4 OLE Community Visit S4 OLE Health Ambassador Training Workshop S5 THS Hotel Visit Trip
School Picnics S1 School Picnics S2 School Picnics S3
School Picnics S4 School Picnics S5 School Picnics S6
Singapore Study Tour 2014 Singing Contest 2013 Sport Day-Ceremony
Sport Day-Cheering Team Sport Day-Field Events Sport Day-Track Events
Basketball Friendly Match with Police 2015 Visit from Faculty of Education Naresuan University(Thailand) Sri Lanka Cricket Team Study Tour
Swimming Gala 2014 Cheering Team Swimming Gala 2014 Taiwan Study Tour
The 50th School Dance Festival Visiting Drugs Information Centre War Game
Xmas Party 2013  


Photo Album for the year 2012-2013

2012-2013 Singing Contest Acrobatics Workshop Alumni AGM 2012
Blood Donation 2012 Christmas party Class Logo
Class Photos Community Services Mei Foo Elderly Centre Community Services to Single Elderly People
Cricket Team in Malaysia 2012 Drama Festival 2013 Fight Crime Wtihout Boundary
General Knowledge Competition Graduation Ceremony 2013 HK Schools Dance Festival 2013
HKAPA Masquerade Dance HKIT and TSU SPSS Award Presentation-Ceremony HKSSF ANNUAL SPORTS DAY
House Leadership Training Camp House Leadership Training Camp 2012 House-Leadership-Training-Camp-2013
Inter-class boards design competition 2012-2013 Inter-class Boards Design II Inter-house Basketball Competition 2012
Inter-house Dance Competition Interview skill by UNISON Joint Schools Sports Day
Junior Cricket Team Championship Leadership Training Camp_PLK OLE Flower Making by S6
OLE Healthy Living Lifestye and You Can Cook OLE S4B Community Services Lok Chi Centre OLE Sand Painting
Peer Mediator Training Camp 2012-13 PLK Society Carnival Prize-giving Day 2013
PTA Day Trip 2013 S2 Problem Solving Training Daycamps S3 Leadership Training Camp
S4 Community Services Training Daycamp S4 OLE Community Services HK Federation of the Blind S4 THS Tai-O Village
S5 Field Trip 2013 S5 OLE Camp S6 THS IVE Open Day
School Picnics Senior Cricket Team Singapore Study Trip 2013
Sketching Sports Day 2012-2013 Swimming Gala
Tsuen Wan Dragon Boat Festival Funfair Tusen Wan Civic Education Show Unison Hikathon2012
Visit NGO 2012 Voluntary Service Team 2012-2013 West Kowloon Fight Crime Carnival
Xmas Family Adventure Programs Carinval


Photo Album for the year 2011-2012

House Leadership Training Camp 11-12

Inter-class Class Logo Design Competition

1st Class Board Photo

Class Tee Design

S5 OLE Farming

S1 S2 Drug Prevention Education


Sports Day photo 2011

Fencing Demonstration

OLE Community Services Training Camp 2011

PATHS 2E Problem Solving Camp Phase 1

PATHS S1 H & O Friendship Camp

PATHS S1M&E Friendship Camp

Peer Mediator Training Camp

PTA Visiting Elderly People in Tsuen Wan Village

S4 OLE Civic Education Struggle for Survivals

Staff Games Day 2011

S6 OLE Macau Study Trip

School Picnics 2011-2012

S3 Sex Education



Blood Donation 2011

Alumni AGM 2011

PATHS S1 Closing Ceremony

PATHS S2 Overnight Training Camp

Singing Contest 2011

Christmas Party 2011

Class Photos2011-2012

OLE Music Workshop - Mahmood Rumjahn

Community Services for Elderly Centre

PTI 2011-2012

Drama Festival 2012

Community Services LOHAS Ceremony

PATHS S3A Leadership Day Camp

PATHS S3B Leadership Day Camp

PATHS S3C Leadership Day Camp

PATHS S3D Leadership Day Camp

Dance Festival 2012

Joint Schools Sports Day 2012

OLE African Arts

International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Visit Tai O Heritage Hotel

S1 Sex Ed Talk

S2 Sex Ed Workshops

OLE Anti Drug Talk



Visit Drug Info Centre

Bulletin Board Design II

General Knowledge Competition

Visit Naval Task Force of PLA

Inter-house Dance Competition

Swimming Gala 2012

PATHS Closing Ceremony

PATHS S1 Overnight Camp

Senior Boys Cricket Champion 2012

Prize-giving Day 2012


Graduation Ceremony 2011-2012

Visit by Students from San Franciaso State University College of Education

New York Bank Mellon-career workshop

Singapore Study Trip

Completion Ceremony 2011-2012


Photo Album for the year 2010-2011

Class Logo

House Committee Members Training Camp

Inter-house Basketball Competition

Sports Day

Riverside Scene at QingMing Festival

Earth from above

Tourism and Hospitality Studies - Mocktail workshop 06112010

Quality Education Fund

Alumni AGM 2010

School picnics

Blood Donation 2010


Class photos

Singing contest 2010-2011

X'mas party 2010

School Social Worker Program

S4 OLE Volunteer Assembly

PTI 2011 Photos

6A Wetland Park 2011

HK Schools Dance Festival 2011

Inter-house Girls Basketball Competition

OLE Mime Show

Scout Oath 2011

S6 Golf

Inter House Volleyball Competition

King of the Road

International Day for the Elimination Racial Discrimination 2011

2011 6A Biology Field Trip

Cultural Interflow Program with Fanling Rhenhish Church Sec Sch

OLE Colourful Exhibition Day

S1 Sex Education

Dancing Competition 2011

Talk by Professor J. Lau on 11 April 2011

Hiking Trip for Peer Mediator Team

PATHS S3A 3B Leadership Training Camp

PATHS S3C-3E Leadership Training Camp

Rugby Training

Inter House Dodgeball Competition

The 46th Speech Day Cum Prize Giving Day

Joint-School swimming gala

Staff Games Day 2010

Inter-school VA

S5 OLE Organic Farming

Inter-school Group Games Competition

S5 OLE Health Talk

S5 OLE Chinese Talk

S5 Biology Field Trip 2011

S1 Project Learning


3 on 3 Basketball competition

Macau trip of THS

Prize-giving and Completion Ceremony

Tsing Yi Natural Trail & Ma Wan Park

Summer Activity


Photo Album for the year 2009-2010

S6 Leadership Training Camp

Class Logo

Class Bulletin Broads I

S4 OLE Community Services Seminar

Inter-schools VA competition

Sports Day

Inter-school English Competition

Dress Special Day

2009 school picnic photos

Blood Donation 2009

Scout promise day

Christmas Party

Singing Contest

class photos

Teacher development day

2009 Alumni Annual Meeting


Visit to Blind People Centre

Love U all Project Ceremony

OLE training camp

Anti drug workshop


PTI 2010

Joint School P.E. Competition

Joint Schools Sports Day

Museum of Dr. Sun

Interflow Program with Shue Yan University

Cultural trip with visual impaired people

Flower Show 2010

Visit to Delia Broadway of secretary for the civil service, Miss C.Y. YUE, Denise, JP

6A Biology Field Trip 2010

321 International Day For The Elimination of Racial Discrimination Carnival

OLE S4 Voluntary Services

PATHS S3 Leadership Training Camp

Outdoor Education Camp 2010

Ping Shan Historical Trail

Inter-house Dancing Competition 2010

Drama Festival 2010

General Knowledge Competition

Inter-class Bulletin Board Design Competition II

Girls Cricket Championship Match 2010

OLE Chinese Traditional Puppet Show

Inter-class group games competition

Visit to Delia Broadway of secretary for Labour and Welfare, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung,GBS,JP

PATHS Teacher Traning Workshop

Visitiing Legal Institutes

Visit by Students from San Franciaso State University College of Education

Joint Schools Swimming Gala

Joint Delia Schools Prize-giving Day

Graduation Ceremony 2010

French competition

Cricket Team Fun Day

Prize-giving and Completion Ceremony