PTA Day Trip 2013

PTA Day Trip 2013

This year, four students from S4 Tourism and Hospitality Studies were chosen to help in the PTA day trip in May.

They had to introduce an attraction and socialize with parents as assistant tour guides.

Faizah (S4B), Kasandra (S4B), Sophia (S4B) and Sandeep (S4A) shared their experience after the PTA day trip.

Faizah (S4B)

The purpose of the PTA Day Trip is to enhance the relationship among parents, teachers and students. For the year’s trip, we went to Lantau Island. The entire group took a coach from our school at Mei Foo to the Tian Tan Buddha. After that, we walked to the Path of Wisdom. Finally, the group got back on the coach and departed for Tai O’s famous fishing village.

    While we were at the Tian Tan Buddha, we entered the museum. Seeing the Tian Tan Buddha makes me feel amazed and overwhelmed because of its enormous size and the fact that it’s made out of tons of bronze. Inside the museum, there were precious relics and artworks. After that, we ate an all-vegetarian lunch at one of the restaurant nearby.

    After lunch, we went to the Tai O Fishing Village. We were able to see how everyday life is like in Tai O, and how a lot of the locals in Tai O earn by selling products to tourists. Also, we were able to see the houses that were affected by a fire that broke out a month ago.


Kasandra S4B

    I was chosen to introduce the Ngong Ping Village. It was hard because I’ve never been there and I knew nothing about the place. So I did my research about the place. On the day of the PTA trip, I wasn’t very confident on whether I’ll do a great job.

    While giving my brief introduction on Ngong Ping Village, I realized I wasn’t so nervous, so I took the opportunity to give as much information as I knew on the place and to try to let the parents and students know that I was happy to be their guide. In the trip, I helped Filipino parents by translating them information they couldn’t understand and helping them take photos, also to other families. I was enjoying the trip, fascinated by the new culture, new food dishes I’ve never experienced etc. it was all worth it, I learned new things and experienced new surroundings. Especially overcome my fear on giving speeches to large crowd, I am just proud of myself.


Sophia S4B

    This year, our PTA Day Trip was to Lantau Island. We got to see the Big Buddha, Po Lin Monstery, Tai O Fishing Village and many more attractions.

    Kasandra, Kevin, Sandeep, Faizah and I had to be assistant tour guides this year. we all were excited and nervous, as we thought we had to be real guides. I was looking forward to it, but we had a professional tour guide to entertain us throughout the day.

    It was very entertaining and inspiring to learn how to deal with tour groups properly. I learnt a lot from him, and it really amused me.

    The day was amazing! Our group bonded very well. During our Chinese-styled lunch, Sandeep and I had to sit with two different families. That hour gave our group lots of laugh. Manveer’s parents were really sweet and friendly. I really enjoyed that time.

    Lastly, we went to Tai O Fishing Village we took the boat ride, and it was awesome! The speed was super fun! The wind was everywhere. And, the best part, we got to see Chinese white dolphins! But, they were pretty far. I was hoping that we’d be closer.


Sandeep S4A

    Before, I agreed to join PTA Day Trip, I thought this would be educational trip where I am going to spend my day learning tourism materials. But it all turned out ironic.

   We all started our journey by taking a coach to Big Buddha and Tai O Village from our school. On the coach a professional tour guide was there. Well, to be honest, I have had never gone on a trip which actually ----a professional tour guide. Therefore, I was pretty excited and was taking a close eye on his actions and words. It is because I wanted to know what takes to be a tour guide.

    On the way to our first stop which was Big Buddha, the tour guide was telling us about the location we are going. And the most interesting part was, I was wondering if the tour guide would ever be wordless. The evil side of me, wanted to see the tour guide getting in an awkward situation where he had nothing left to speak about.

    However, the tour guide never got in such situation. Moreover, he was using his surrounding thing to raise out topics. And this is a thing that I could learn from the tour guide.