Broadway students came first in the iCity NetY Ambassadors Program 2013

Congratulations to three of our S.6 students, Ella Ho, Hamera Khalid and Jianne Soriano, who won Champion in the 2013 iCity NetY Ambassadors Program. The iCity NetY Ambassadors Program is a competition that was initiated and organized by Chinese YMCA and DotAsia Organization to promote and raise issues related to the internet such as online infringement, online addiction and private security where students join in a group of three and submit an essay of their chosen issue regarding internet governance and present it in multimedia format to a panel of judges.
Our school’s students, the winning team, would become iCity NetY Ambassadors and receive full sponsorship to represent the Hong Kong youth to attend the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UNIFG) 2013 in Bali, Indonesia from 20 Oct 2013 to 26 Oct 2013.
“We are happy and grateful to know that we received the champion prize and thankful that every bit of hard work and dedication that surely we put into has paid off for us. We are looking forward to represent our school, our families and friends, ethnic minorities and Hong Kong. Joining this has taught us so much and brought us to meet a lot of great people especially and we cannot wait to unravel what lies at the 2013 United Nations Internet Governance Forum.” (Ella, Hamera and Jianne)

Swimming training will be cancelled

As the yellow rain and thurderstorm signals are being hoisted, the swimming training will be cancelled today.

Waiting List of Application for S1 2013-2014

The final announcement will be released on or before 15 July 2013.Part of the STRN No. is hidden with an asteriks (*) for privacy purpose.


Waiting List of Application for S1 2013-2014